Apple and the IRS

Welp, got my iOS product done, ready to start testing… and my Apple dev account name doesn’t match my name on my tax forms. Tried to change it, but no dice! Looks like I have to MAIL the tax form to Apple. Wow. High-tech there, isn’t it?

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Work Actually Happening

I’m within sight of an actual release of an iOS product! How much longer can I drag it out? (Rolls eyes)

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Still working on it

Can’t focus at the moment. Being pulled too many directions between artwork, job work, health, and obligations.

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Oh, and one more thing..

I’ve got another teaser coming in a bit…

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iOS WordPress!

Cool! I can manage the site from my new iPhone 7!

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A teaser announcement:

Coming in 2017

Web comic teaser

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Once a quarter? Heck, try ONCE A YEAR!

The horrifying truth the internet has taught me: I have nothing to say on a blog. Next question to ponder: do I have anything to say as an artist? (gulp!)

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Near Impact on Steam

Get it here:

We haven’t done any marketing. Nobody knows it’s out there. Very annoying! The game is fun and silly, plus I did the 5-page comic introduction. You can go customize the asteroid attacks (thanks to ace coder Scott Martin) and pass the resulting config file to other people with the game. You can change the character portraits too! All in all, it should be doing better. Bleah.

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Spam, Spam, Spam, spam…

Man, hit by a huge spam storm this evening. How does anyone actually make money on spambots? It baffles me.

Of course, it IS the only blog traffic I get. I deserve it for only posting once a quarter I guess!

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I don’t speak Russian, Spammers!

They’d have a better chance of tricking me into clicking on their spam posts if they used Google Translate, or at least made SOME kind of effort. Sheesh.

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